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William (m) Old Germanic, ‘will, volition’ and ‘helmet.’
The name became immensely popular in Scotland in the
Middle Ages from the time of William the Lion, brother of King Malcolm IV, whom he succeeded. Sir William Wallace, the thirteenth-century hero whose exploits have been celebrated by Scottish writers and poets ever since, ensured that the name would always be well used. The name was ranked 3rd in Scotland in 1858, 3rd again in 1935, 3rd again in 1958. It is still a very popular name with Scottish parents, though its use did begin to decline somewhat after 1965. Willie is sometimes given as an independent name in Scotland, as is the surname Wilson. The early use of William led to its becoming a surname in many forms, ranging from Wilkie, Wilkin, Wilkinson, to Williamson, Willicock, Willis, Willison, Wilson, Willock and Willocks. The Gaelic form of the name is Uilleam.

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