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Stephen, Steven (m) In recent times the spelling Steven
has overtaken Stephen in Scotland, as in all other English- speaking countries. The name was originally Greek and meant the ‘crown’ or ‘garland’ worn by a victor. Stephen was in 18th position in Scotland in 1958, with Steven in 36th place. In a 1975 count of names given to Scottish boys, Steven was used twice as often as Stephen.

The combined name, Stephen/Steven, was certainly one of Scotland’s top names in 1958, and it has remained so in the late 1970’s. It has also enjoyed a run of enormous popularity in recent years in all English-speaking countries.

The short form Steve is often given as an independent name. Scott has a character in Redgauntlet (1824) called Stephen Stephenson, or Steenson, who is addressed as Steenie. Steen was in fact the early pronunciation of Stephen in Fife and the Lothians, leading to such surnames as Steen and Stein, Staines and Steinson.

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