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A Wee Glossary of Scots Words

Aboon, above.
Ahint, behind.
Aim, iron.
Bairn, child.
Bandster, binder of sheaves.
Bauk, cross-beam.
Bield, shelter.
Bigg, to build.
Biggin, building.
Birk, birch.
Blad, fragment.
Bucht, cattle-fold or sheep-pen.
Ca', to drive, convey.
Caller, fresh.
Canny, cautious.
Cantrip; cantraip, trick.
Chandler-chaftit, lantern-jawed.
Cheekie for chow, side by side.
Cheep, chirp.
Chiel, fellow.
Corbie, raven, crow.
Coup, upset.
Crack, to converse : conversation.
Craig, rock.
Cramasie, crimson cloth.
Creel, perplexity.
Crine, shrivel.
Crouse, confident.
Cushie, cushat-dove.
Daffing, joking.
Daud, lump.
Dine, noon.
Ding, knock.
Dominie, schoolmaster.
Doo, dove.
Dowf, dull.
Dowie, sad.
Driech, dreary.
Dub, puddle.
Dule, sorrow.
Fail dyke, turf wall.
Fail sunk, turf seat.
Fash, to anger.
Fashions, vexatious.
Faught, struggle.
Fleech, to beguile.
Gab, impertinent talk.
Gait; gate, way ; road.
Gar, to make : to cause.
Geisened, leaking.
Glower, scowl.
Gowan, daisy.
Greet; grat, to weep : wept.
Gyte, mad.
Hecht, promised.' offered.
Hoast, cough.
Hott, heap.
Houlet, owl.
Howk, to dig.
Hulie and fear, cautiously and quietly.
Hure, whore.
Ilka, each.
Jaud, jade.
Jimp, neat.
Joup, skirt; petticoat.
Kaim, comb.
Keek, to look.
Land-loupin', land-stealing.
Lane, alone.
Lang syne, long ago.
Lave, the rest.
Laverock, lark.
Leal, faithful.
Lee-lang, livelong.
Leglen, milk-pail.
Lichtlie, disparage.
Lirk, fold.
Loaning, milking-park,
Lowe, light : flame.
Lown, serene.
Lug, ear.
Lum, chimney.
Lyart, hoary.
Mane, moan.
Mear, mare.
Mickle, much.
Minny, mother.
Neb, nose.
Nick-nackets, frivolities.
Opensteek hems, ornamental edges.
Oxter, armpit.
Paitrick, partridge.
Pickle, a little.
Pownie, pony.
Preen, a pin : to pin.
Quaigh or Quaich, drinking-cup.
Rax, to pass : hand.
Rug, to pull.
Sea-maw, seagull.
Sheugh, ditch.
Sklent, to slant.
Smoor, to suffocate; drown.
Snood, hair-band.
Sough, sigh.
Souple, supple.
Speer ; speir, to ask.
Spelder, to sprawl.
Stieve, substantial.
Stoorie, active.
Stoup, measure : pail.
Stoure, dust : strife.
Stoussie, healthy child.
Sturt, trouble.
Sumph, stupid fellow.
Theek, to thatch.
Thraw, to twist.
Thrums, threads.
Till, knock.
Touzie, rough, untidy.
Truff, turf.
Twine, to part: separate.
Wae, sad.
Wame, stomach.
Waukrife, wakeful.
Wede, vanished.
Wee, small.
Weirdless, ill-fated : worthless,
Whigmaleerie, gimcrack.
Whin; whinne, gorse.
Winnock-bunker, window-seat.

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