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Sarah (f) Hebrew, ‘princess.’ This name has been highly
fashionable in the late 1970’S in every English-speaking
country, including Scotland. The name was ranked 5th in Scotland in 1858, 12th in 1935, then it fell to 54th place in 1958. Normally this would have been a clear sign that the name was going to drop out of use for a considerable time, but it has recovered strongly.

Sally, originally a pet form of Sarah, but used since the eighteenth century as an independent name, has also been popular in recent times. Sadie, another diminutive, has also been used as a name in its own right, though never to any great extent. The spelling Sara is occasionally used by Scottish parents, and this can lead to a slight difference in pronunciation of the name, the first syllable rhyming with far rather than stare. Sarah is often used as a substitute for Gaelic Mórag.

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