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Robert (m) Gaelic Raibeart. An Old English name,
originally meaning ‘fame bright.’ In Scotland the name was in 9th position in 1858, 4th in 1935, 5th in 1958. It
continues to be one of Scotland’s favourite names, as its
many historical associations justify (it was, of course, the name of Scotland’s national hero, Robert Bruce). The name is also immensely popular in every other English-
speaking country.

Robert Louis Stevenson in The Weir of Hermiston (1894) gives the ‘proper Border diminutive’ as Hob, which is now obsolete, though like Dob it led to surnames such as Hob, Hobson, Dobbie, Dobieson, Dobson. Rab, Rabbie, Rob and Robbie are the best-known Scottish diminutives, though Bob and Bobby are also in use.

Roberta (f) This is the usual feminine form of Robert
in Scotland, though Robina (pet form Beanie),
Robertina, Robena and Robyn are also in use. Feminine
forms of Robert have never been particularly fashionable,
but the names are used steadily.

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