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Richard (m) An Old German name composed of ele-
ments meaning ‘king’ and ‘firm.’ Early use of the name in
Scotland is attested by surnames such as Dick, Dickie,
Dickinson, Dickson, Dikin, Ritchie and Richieson. Ritchie
is itself occasionally used as a Scottish Christian name.
Richard has been in consistent use in Scotland, as else-
where in the English-speaking world, for centuries.

The name was in 28th position in Scotland in 1858, 30th in 1935, 31st in 1958. It has been intensively used in the late 1970’S. Jane Austen wrote playfully in Northanger Abbey (1818) of ‘a very respectable man, though his name was Richard.’ Feminine forms such as Ricarda and Richenda occur very occasionally in Scotland.

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