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Patrick (m) Latin patricius, ‘patrician,’ originally one
who was a ‘father’ or senator of Rome. The name could
therefore be translated as ‘Roman nobleman.’ Patrick has
long been associated with Ireland, but it was established very early in Scotland. Black (Surnames of Scotland) cites various Gaelic forms: Padruig, Paruig, Para and
Padair/Patajr. The last of these led to the belief in
Scotland that Peter was simply a pet form of Patrick,
or as Black picturesquely puts it, Patrick was thought to be the Sunday name, Peter the everyday one. In recent times Patrick was 23rd most frequently used name in Scotland in 1935, 35th in 1958.

In the late 1970’s it seems to have dropped out of fashion. Pat and Paddy are the usual diminutives, but they are rarely used as independent names. Many surnames derive from Patrick, including Paterson, Patison, Pattison. Petrie as a surname can refer to an ancestor who was either Patrick or Peter.

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