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Michael (m) Gaelic MIcheil. Hebrew, ‘who is like God?’
The name was in early use by the Scotts, e.g., Sir Michael Scot, son of Sir Michael Scot of Balweari.e, was a famous thirteenth-century scholar known as ‘The Wizard.’ The name did not appear in the Scottish Registrar General’s Report for 1858. The count of 1935, however, showed it to be in 28th place, and by 1958 it had risen to 12th position. It continues to be extremely popular with Scottish parents, as it is with their counterparts throughout the English- speaking world. The Gaelic form is Micheil. The feminine forms in use include the French Michelle (much used since the Beatles sang a song of that name), Michele (the usual spelling of the name in Scotland in the 1950’s) and Michella. Michaela is also found.

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