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Martin (m) Gaelic Màrtainn. A Latin name connected
with Mars, the god of war, and possibly meaning ‘war-
like.’ The commonness of Martin and MacMartin as
Scottish surnames, together with the name’s occurrence in placenames such as Strathmartin and Kilmartin, make it
clear that Martin was popular in the Middle Ages. This
was due to St Martin of Tours (c. 3 16-97), the founder
of monasticism in Gaul. Martin later fell into disuse as a
Scottish Christian name but it re-appeared in the 1930’s
and has steadily risen in popularity since then. The
spelling Martyn is sometimes used. In England and
Wales Martin became especially popular around 1960. The
feminine forms of the name are Martine and Martina;
the latter has shown all the signs in the late 1970’s of
becoming the more fashionable of the two.

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