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Mark (m) The Latin form of this name, Marcus, is also
occasionally used in Scotland, and the French Marc is
currently fashionable in most English-speaking countries.
The name ultimately relates to the Roman god of war, Mars, and is therefore associated with ‘martial’ activities. Mark came into fashion in the U.S.A. and Canada in the 1940’s and has been extremely popular there ever since. The name was also taken up in England and Wales in the 1950’S, reaching Scotland a few years later, though the Border Kerrs were using the name earlier. By 1958 Mark was the 54th most frequently used name in Scotland, but a count made in 1975 shows that it thereafter became far more popular. It is very much a name of the 1970’s. The feminine form Marcia is as yet little used in Scotland, though it has been popular in the U.S.A. recently, pronounced—and often spelt—as Marsha. The Scottish surname Mark probably derives from ‘march,’ the Borders being formerly divided into East, Middle and West March.

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