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Marjorie, Marjory (f) Also Margery, though usage in
Scotland in 1958 was as follows: Marjorie, 54; Marjory,
49; Margery, 4. These were originally forms of Margaret,
but they have long been used as independent names. The Gaelic form is Marsali. Marjorie/Marjory was popular
in the nineteenth century in Scotland, being 30th most
frequently used name in 1858. It was still in 32nd place
in 1935, but it subsequently fell out of favour. English
and Welsh parents used the name fairly intensively around 1925, but they have since left it aside. In her novel Female Friends Fay Weldon gives a possible reason for the name’s demise when she makes a character called Marjorie say: ‘I hated margarine. Everyone called me Marge at school.’

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