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Lynn, Lynne (f) A fashionable modern name element,
as well as a separate name, for traditional names such as
Caroline, Kathleen and Jacqueline have all tended to
become Carolyn, Kathlyn and Jacquelyn in recent
years. The Registrar General’s Report for Scotland (1958)
separated the two spellings of the name, thereby placing
Lynn in 51st position, Lynne in 68th position. Counted
together the composite name Lyn(n)(e) was actually as
popular in 1958 as Lesley or Karen.

Both forms of the name were still being used in Scotland in the late 1970’s. The spelling Lyn was also to be found occasionally. The name will be heard a great deal for many years to come, since in ordinary speech it is the pet form of names like Lindsay and Linda, as well as a name in its own right. In former times Lynn and Lynne were used to name boys, especially in the U.S.A. They are still sometimes used in this way.

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