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Lindsay (m, f) This is the normal form of the Scottish
surname and clan name, which is said to derive from either a Norman or English placename. Randolph de Lindesay was the nephew of William the Conqueror and brought the name to Britain. It has been established in Scotland since the twelfth century. As a Christian name it has been surprisingly popular in all English-speaking countries recently; surprisingly because of the sexual and orthographic confusion associated with the name. In 1958, for example, Scottish parents gave the name to their children as follows: (boys) Lindsay, 63: (girls) Lindsay, 37; Lindsey, 21; Linsay, 21; Linsey, i; Lyndsay 12; Lyndsaye, I; Lyndsey, 3; Lynsay, 2. A 1975 count in Scotland shows Lyndsay and Lynsey being used, both for girls. The name seems to have settled down now as a girls’ name.

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