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Linda (f) Linda was used occasionally in Britain through-
out the nineteenth century, at that time as a pet form of
names such as Belinda, Malinda, Melinda, Rosalinda,
etc. It came into its own, however, in the 1940’s, quickly
becoming one of the top names in the English-speaking
world. In Scotland it appeared from nowhere to take 4th
place in 1958. Only Margaret, Mary and Elizabeth were
able to resist its challenge. The name seems to have been imported from the U.S.A. where it was borne (as a stage name) by actresses such as Linda Darnell and Linda
Christian. In Spanish the word linda is a feminine form
of the word for ‘pretty,’ which no doubt influenced
many American parents. In fact, as an element in much
older names, usually Germanic, linda or linde meant ‘serpent,’ the serpent being renowned for its wisdom. The
very popularity of Linda has now caused parents every-
where to turn away from it. It is occasionally found as
Lynda, Lynnda or Lindy.

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