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Kenneth (m) A Scottish name by origin and usage.
Kenneth MacAlpine (died c. 860), first king of Scotland,
was probably named in honour of St Cainnech, whose
name is preserved in the surname MacKenzie. The name
anglicises two Gaelic forms, Coinneach ‘fair one’ and
‘Cinaed ‘firesprung.’ Kenneth was 32nd most frequently
used name in Scotland in 1858, and it was at that time
almost uniquely Scottish. By 1935 it was in 27th place in
Scotland, but it had by then spread to all English-speaking countries and become a great favourite. The name is once again Scottish: Scottish parents have remained faithful to it while parents in other English-speaking countries have now left it aside. Kenna is sometimes used as a feminine form, as is Kennethina (Eye-na). This can be shortened in the Highlands to Kennag (pronounced Kenn-ac), spelt Ceanag in Gaelic.

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