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Janet, Janette (f) Gaelic Seônaid. Diminutives of Jane.
Janetta is also used occasionally. The fortunes of Janet
and Jane have followed the same path in Scotland since
1858. Janet was in 6th position in that year, with Jane
5th. In 1958 Jane was 18th, Janet 19th. However, if the
Janes, Jaynes, etc., were counted together as if bearing
the same name, and the Janets, Janettes were also con-
sidered together, Janet would be the more popular of the
two. Janet, which often occurred in former times as Jonet, is a decidedly Scottish name in terms of long-established usage. In the 1950’s, however, it was intensively used in nearly every other English-speaking country, especially England. Janette, stressed on the second syllable in imitation of French Jeannette, became at that time temporarily more ‘Scottish.’ More genuinely Scottish, perhaps, are the pet forms less, Jessie, Jessy, Jennie and Jenny, Netta and Nita, all of which occur occasionally as independent names.

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