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Isabella (f) The Italian form of Elizabeth, and the
preferred spelling of a name much used in Scotland until
the 1960’s. It also occurs as Isobel, Isobell, Isobella,
Isobelle, Isabel (the modern Spanish form), Isabell,
Isabelle, Ishbel (Scottish form), Iseabail (Gaelic).
Until the sixteenth century Isabel was used in Britain
interchangeably with Elizabeth, a woman so-called using
either form of the name at will. As a separate name,
Isabella was the 7th most frequently used girls’ name in
Scotland in 1888, and 6th in 1935. By 1958 it had dropped to 41st place, but its various other forms were also in use. The usual pet forms of the name are Bel, Bell, Bella, Belle, Ella, Ib, Ibbie, Ibby, Isa, Sib, Tib, Tibbie,
Tibby. Of these, Bella, Ella and Isa were still being used
as independent names in Scotland in 1958.

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