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graham of claverhouse

Graham (m) Also Graeme, Grahame. This is another
famous Scottish clan name used as a Christian name. The
name has recurred constantly in Scottish history since
William de Graham received from David I the lands of
Abercorn and Dalkeith in the twelfth century. The original
placename Graham may have been ‘Granta’s homestead’
or ‘gravelly homestead.’ ‘Grey homestead’ has also been
suggested, but is unlikely. Graham (excluding other
spellings) was 24th most frequently used name in Scotland in 1958. It had risen from 56th position in 1935, and there is no doubt that the rise continued into the 1970’S, for the name is still being intensively used. The spelling Graeme, used by William Buchanan in an eighteenth-century genealogical work, has also been gaining ground. In 1958, 531 Scottish boys received the name Graham, while 260 became Graeme. Both spellings are now used in equal numbers. In the 1950’s Graham suddenly became a fashionable name in England and Wales, but it proved to be a passing fad. Graeme does not seem to have been used outside Scotland.

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