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George (m) Greek, ‘farmer, husbandman.’ The 6th most
frequently used name in Scotland in 1858, 6th in 1935,
ioth in 1958. In spite of this long run of great popularity,
the name has gone rapidly out of fashion since 1960.
Scottish parents remained faithful to it longer than most.
In England and Wales the name was intensively used
during the nineteenth century, but it faded away after
1900. It has also been out of fashion in the 1970’s in the
other English-speaking countries. In Scotland its pet forms include Geordie, Dod, Doddy, and there are several
feminine forms, the most popular being Georgina. The
Gaelic forms are Seôras, Seorsa or Deôrsa.

Georgina (f) A feminine form of George. Other versions
of the name used for Scottish girls include Georgette,
Georgia, Georgine and Georgena. Earlier this century
Georgina was a decidedly Scottish name in terms of usage.

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