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Ewan McGregor Posters

Ewan (m) This is the preferred modern spelling in
Scotland of a name which also occurs as Owen, Euan,
Ewen, Euen and Ewhen. The Gaelic Eoghann is the
source of these forms. In early Latin documents Eoghann
was equated with Eugenius (Eugene), ‘well-born,’ and
this was traditionally regarded as the meaning of the name. In some parts of Scotland Hugh was erroneously used as a substitute for Eoghann. The real etymology of the Gaelic name is obscure; all that can be said is that Eoghann occurs in ancient Celtic history and legend and that it is ultimately responsible for such surnames as Macewan, Macewen, Macewing, etc. In former times Ewen was the usual spelling of the Christian name. It was especially associated with the Camerons and Macphersons. Eugene is steadily used in modern Scotland.

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