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Elsie (f) This is usually assumed to be a short form of
Elizabeth. In Scotland Elshie was a Lowland diminutive
form of Alexander, but this form does not seem to have
been used for Alexandrina. Elsie may also have been a
shortening of Elspeth, or Elspie in Arthur Clough’s
poem, The Bothy of Toberna-Vuolich (1848).
The novel Elsie Venner, by Oliver Wendell Holmes,
was published in 1861, and a few years later Longfellow
made an Elsie the heroine of his Golden Legend. By
1875 Elsie was immensely popular in the U.S.A., and by
1900 it was being used in Britain in great numbers. In
Scotland it was still ranked 64th in 1935, but by then it was going a little bit out of fashion.

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