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Clan MacDonald of Keppoch

Donald (m) In some ways Donald is the most Scottish of
names, yet this century it has undoubtedly been far more
intensively used in the U.S.A. and Canada than in Scotland itself. The Scots, of course, established the name as their property in the preceding centuries, and it will always be associated with the Clan Donald. In modern Gaelic the name is Domhnall, and there is general agreement as to its original meaning of ‘world mighty.’
Donald was the i6th most frequently used name in
Scotland in 1858, 19th in 1935, 25th in 1958. The most
recent count (1975) shows that its use as a Christian name continues to decline. Feminine forms derived from it include Dona, Donalda and Donaldina.

The use of Donna for girls may also be influenced by a supposed relationship to the name.

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