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David Livingstone

David (m) Hebrew, ‘beloved.’ One of the all-time
favourite names in Scotland since the time of David I
(1084-1153). The Americans have also used it with great
intensity and consistency for at least a century. In England and (of course) Wales where the name has been in use for nearly a thousand years, it was used more and more after 1925 until it became top name in 1944. It stayed at or very near the top of the popularity charts until 196 x, and is still much used.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, the name rose from 7th position
in 1858 to 4th place in 1958, when it was the name given
to one boy of every eighteen born in Scotland. It has
continued its remarkable run into the 1970’s, as a count
made in 1975 clearly indicates.

If the Scots cannot claim David for themselves, they
have almost a complete monopoly of the feminine forms,
Davina, Davidina and Davida. Diminutives of these,
Vida and Vina, are also given occasionally as independent
names. Apart from the obvious surnames which derive
from David, names like Daw, Dawe, Dawes and Dawson
also owe their origin to obsolete diminutive forms. The
Gaelic form of David, Dabhaidh, led to surnames such as
Day and Dey.

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