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Daniel Defoe

Daniel (m) Hebrew, ‘God has judged,’ or ‘God is my
judge.’ The name was far more popular in Scotland and
Ireland during the nineteenth century than in any other
English-speaking countries. By 1925, however, it had also
become one of the top names in the U.S.A. It has since
spread to England and Wales, where it is among the most
frequently used names of the 1970’s. In Scotland, Daniel
was in 22nd place in 1858, a position it retained until 1935. By 1958 it had slipped to 41st place, and it appears for the moment to be completely out of fashion. The present intensive usage in England and Wales may bring about its restoration. One possible reason for Daniel’s early use in Scotland is that it was erroneously thought to translate Domhnall, or Donald.

Feminine forms such as Danielina and (more frequently)
Danielle are used by Scottish parents.

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