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Cuthbert (m) This name was formerly very popular in
the Lothians, where St Cuthbert (c. 634-87) was much
admired—he was bishop of Lindisfarne from 685-7.
The saint’s name was Old English, composed of elements
meaning ‘famous, known’ and ‘bright.’ Kirkcudbright was
named for him, and reveals the common pronunciation of the name, Cudbert. This led to diminutives such as
Cuddie, Cuddy. There is a Cuddy Headrigg, for instance,
in Scott’s Old Mortality (1816). In general speech, however, ‘cuddy’ became the word for a stupid person and the nick- name for a donkey. At one time Cuthbert was also the name given to someone who tried o evade military service. In the circumstances it is hardly surprising that the name fell out of use.

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