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Alan (m) The favourite modern spelling in Scotland of
a name also found as Allan or Allen, forms which are
probably transferred from the surnames. The Gaelic form of the name is Ailean, or Ailin in Ireland. Black (Surnames of Scotland) suggests a derivation from ail, ‘rock,’ but various other explanations have been suggested by scholars. Alan (a coincidently similar name) was a favourite amongst the Bretons, who introduced it to England in the eleventh century at the time of the Norman Conquest. All that can be said for certain is that the name is ancient and Celtic. Its early popularity in Scotland led to its becoming a surname in various forms, e.g. Callan, Callen, MacAllan, MacAllen, etc. The name has been very popular in Scotland.

Alana (f) A feminine form of Alan used by Scottish
parents. It sometimes appears as Allana. Ronan Coghlan
(Irish Christian Names) connects the occasional Irish use
of this name with the expression a leanbh, ‘0 child.’

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